2019 Brings Exciting New Changes to CHP!

Our New Executive Director

katWe are excited to announce the appointment our new Executive Director, Kat Edwards, who will be taking over the CHP helm from Cordelia Lyon. In her new position Ms. Edwards will lead the foundation’s strategic planning and execution by working collaboratively on a wide range of issues related to CHP’s mission. She plans to continue to develop and grow our community partnerships with leaders in food insecurity nonprofits, business, and government, as well as oversee the existing and evolving volunteer partnerships with our amazing farm and orchard managers. In her role as Executive Director Edwards will provide the Board of Directors with clear strategic leadership and tactical direction while overseeing daily operations at our Grafton farms and Harvard orchard properties.

She is an accomplished professional with many years in executive management of Boston companies and years of managing non-profit organizations. Ms. Edwards most recently worked as a private consultant to foundations and educational institutions, and before that was the Executive Director of The Rappaport Foundation in Boston. Prior to that she worked for The Concord Land Conservation Trust, as an Environmental Commissioner for the Town of Concord, and as Executive Vice President of Donald Tofias & Co. While working for the Land Trust and as a Conservation Commissioner, Edwards interfaced closely with developers, Trustees, town officials, landowners and wealthy donors on complex conservation initiatives and successfully managed the numerous acquisition campaigns for critical land threatened with development.

Kat’s extensive experience in nonprofit development and implementation of marketing strategies, e-based public relations, and communications initiatives also add to what she will be bringing to CHP. She has proven to be an innovative leader who demonstrates outstanding strategic thinking and analytical planning with flexibility, creativity and systemic thought. Edward’s diverse background and creative vision is the perfect fit to advance CHP’s goals of expanding its mission and creating new partnerships.

“I am so lucky to be part of the CHP team. I believe a great nonprofit team requires not only a deep commitment to the foundation’s mission, but also collaborative skills that include conviction, vision and tons of creative energy. I believe CHP’s sincerity of purpose inspires our volunteers to believe that they can make a difference, and then we enable them to make that difference. We plant the seed and they grow that dream into reality. Cordie did an amazing job at CHP and I am excited to move her work forward!” said Kat.

Please join us in welcoming her aboard!

Next month:

Our New Board Member: Bob Paulsen

A Board Member moves on: John Wornham

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