Volunteer of the Month: 7,563 Thanks! 

05.14.2019 WegmansAs we wrap up our year there are some very special people that we would like to highlight. The work of our farms would be impossible without the 35 Volunteer Team Leaders who led all of the volunteers that visited our farms in 2019. This selfless group of leaders gives us their all day in- day out, helping with the first seed being planted and are there when the last field is being prepped for winter. They are the friendly and welcoming force that makes Community Harvest Project a leader when it comes to marshaling community efforts to support hunger relief. Thanks to them we were able to host the 7,563 volunteers that visited our farms in 2019. It does not stop there however as we have 12 Volunteer Board Members who serve at our monthly meetings and events, 12 Tuesday Volunteer Crew Members helping both farms on a weekly basis and we hosted 5 amazing Volunteer Interns this past summer. Without all of these hands we would be unable to donate hundreds of thousands of pounds of fresh fruits and vegetables to our hunger relief partners annually. 

Please join us in congratulating and thanking the 7,563 individuals who took time to help their communities by volunteering with Community Harvest Project in 2019. We are incredibly lucky to have you on our side doing this important work and are thrilled that you chose us as a place and cause worthy of your time. To that we say a hearty thanks to each and everyone of you.

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06.05.2019 SouthHighUnum06.25.2019 AccessTCA 207.19.2019 YNIA 1

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