2019 by the numbers

vegIn 2019, 35 Volunteer Team Leaders were trained to lead groups of other volunteers in all of our farm tasks, including seeding, transplanting, tending, harvesting, washing, sorting, and boxing 33 different varieties of fruits and vegetables. Those 35 Team Leaders guided 7,563 volunteers of all ages and abilities, from parents with newborns looking to get out of the house, to elementary school students seeing their plant life cycle lessons come to life, to tech company employees taking a break from the office and bonding as a team, to seniors looking to give back in during their retirement, and so many others in between.

Their collective efforts made it so 94,919 pounds of nutritious, local produce was distributed to out 16 partner agencies, who ensured that it got in the hands of our food insecure neighbors. Those pounds translate to 417,644 servings of fruits and vegetables that helped relieve the burden of healthy eating from people who are already struggling to put food on their tables. This work was made possible by 664 donations from generous volunteers and community members, who believe that your health should not be dependent on your income.

Thank you, for donating your time, skills, and funds to create our community, whose mission is provide fresh fruits and vegetables for hunger relief.

Read the rest of the December Sprout here!


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