End of Season Farm Update

IMG_20191011_092334843As the Grafton farm season is wrapping up, we engage in our final harvest of the year — sweet potatoes! The 2019 season is proving to be a great year for these sugary tubers with a heavy harvest. As we work alongside local elementary students to hunt for, dig, and clean these tasty nuggets, it really feels like digging for buried treasure. Excitement runs high as volunteers across the field triumphantly hold their harvests in the air and yell “I found one!”. Working with this crop serves as a reflection on our work here at Community Harvest Project and farm life in general. We plant sweet potatoes at the beginning of the season alongside the many acres of other crops. However, while harvest baskets are been loaded with veggies of all colors and shapes throughout the season, the sweet potatoes quietly develop under the soil surface, where we can’t see them, until they are fully formed and ready during the crisp, final weeks of the growing season.

Farming is often like that…we plant a seed in the soil. For a time, we have to wait and see what germinates. We can’t force it to happen; we can merely do our best to provide for each seed’s needs and manage conditions to encourage a healthy crop. Each year, we rely on the outstanding generosity of our donors and volunteers to support and act on our mission. We can’t force or demand this support; we instead strive to plant seeds in the minds and hearts of our neighbors, cultivating a community of giving and collective accomplishment. We’re incredibly grateful for the community connection and collaboration that makes our farm thrive. The rush of excitement when you spot that golden sweet potato peeking from the soil is a reminder of the treasures that lie under the surface, waiting to be revealed. The seeds we plant truly go on to grow strong and provide much needed nourishment. We’re thankful for our community!

Read the rest of the November Sprout here.

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