Farm and Flower Update

flowersWe are reaching our busiest part of our season here at the farm! Every day now we are harvesting, washing, packing and donating hundreds of pounds of fresh fruits and vegetables to our hunger relief partners with the help of our incredible volunteers. So far, we have harvested over 17,000 pounds of produce. That translates into about 80,000 servings of healthy foods that are now available to those in our community experiencing hunger and we are just getting started! We have been harvesting broccoli, cabbage, zucchini, collards, cucumbers, kale, lettuce and many more while we wait patiently for our carrots, eggplants, leeks, okra and bell peppers to be ready for harvesting.

In addition to our fresh produce, our flower field is filling back up with beautiful, ready to pick sunflowers, zinnias and amaranth! Come pick your own bouquet or pick up one of our gorgeous pre-made bouquets. Pick your own hours are 8am-8pm and open seven days a week. Flowers are $1 per stem and pre-made bouquets are $10. It’s the perfect time to come out to our beautiful field, takes some photos (holiday cards! back to school! engagement! anniversary!) and pick some flowers. All proceeds will go to support our mission of hunger relief in Massachusetts. Get all the details and spread the word here.

Read the rest of the August Sprout here!

Top photo by Norm Eggert.


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