Welcome, Interns!


June is always an exciting time here at the farm as our newest crop of interns arrive for the summer. Some of these students may have ended classes one day and the very next day find themselves here at the farm. That’s the type of commitment and drive that these students apply to spending their time here learning while they help us drive our mission forward. Over the summer they will not only be able to dabble in their specific area of interest on our farms but they will also have the opportunity to learn from our staff, partner agencies and many of our regular volunteer visitors. Our hope is that they will leave us with a much more thorough understanding of our work and a vision of how they will apply that to their future. Please join us in welcoming our 2019 Summer Interns as we begin our summer season.  

This year we are hosting Gabby Oliveira from Brandeis University, Maggie Tammaro from Wheaton College, Ellen Walsh from Worcester State University, Josh Hurwitz from Bates College and Carly Dillis from Clark University (not pictured).  In just a few short weeks they have already experienced all that Mother Nature has to offer and learned from some of our best Volunteer Team Leaders. If you see them during one of your visits please introduce yourself and join us in welcoming them to the team!    

Read the rest of the June Sprout here!

Photo by Norm Eggert.

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