Volunteer of the Month: Unum and South High Partnership

06.05.2019 SouthHighUnum

Our Volunteer of the Month for June highlights a unique partnership with UNUM and South High School that allows students an opportunity for growth in a unique environment here at the farm. In this program the students are given the opportunity to learn leadership and communication skills and then to apply that learning by leading groups of UNUM Associates in farm activities here at Community Harvest Project. This partnership is in the third year and we continue to see participants returning annually from both the Unum and South High School teams.  

This year over the course of three days our engaging group of 10 South High Students led 36 UNUM Associates in different activities on the farm. Whether they were planting or weeding the students did a great job engaging and managing the work. Over the course of these days combined they planted Summer Squash, Zucchini and Peppers that we predict will produce approximately 12,000 servings of fresh produce for donation to hunger relief agencies. We would like to applaud our South High School and UNUM partners and congratulate them as our Volunteers of the Month for June. Thanks to you all for making this year’s program a rousing success.  

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