Volunteers of the Month: RSVP and Master Gardeners

05.09.2019-rsvp-and-greenhouse-team.jpgWe are always lucky to have the thousands of volunteers that surround us on our farms helping to cultivate our community.  Their hard work has resulted in over a million pounds of fresh produce being donated to hunger relief partners throughout our community over the course of the last couple of years.  That is impressive and amazing work and we are all very proud to have the support of a vast volunteer network that makes all of this possible.

We are also very fortunate to have groups of exceptional volunteers who are willing to go above and beyond to help us when an extra push is needed.  This month we would like to highlight and thank two such partners that continue to surprise us in their commitment to helping out here at Community Harvest Project.  RSVP Volunteers of Central Massachusetts coordinated by Tiffany Benacquista and Massachusetts Master Gardeners coordinated by Eileen Clark are two groups that have really helped to set us up for success this spring.  These two groups have been instrumental in helping to get us ready for planting season with seeding and transplanting work in our greenhouses.  They have also been helpful in preparing for our Annual Plantapalooza Plant Sale which helps to provide funding that allows us to donate our produce throughout the community.  Not wanting to stop there they are also committed to helping in other ways throughout our upcoming season. That is the type of commitment that really helps to cultivate community here at Community Harvest Project, it keeps things running smoothly making it easier for our daily volunteer visitors to do the work of the farm.    

Please join us with a hearty thank you to the dozens of regular volunteers that visit Community Harvest Project from RSVP Volunteers of Central Massachusetts and the Massachusetts Master Gardeners.  We really appreciate all of your support and hard work and thanks for starting this season off right!

Read the rest of the May Sprout!

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