Volunteer of the Month: Greenhouse Crew

GreenhouseTeam.03.14.2019Every year as we welcome volunteers back to the farm to help us plant our fields we receive comments about the healthy plants that we are planting.  We are proud of the fact that we start everything we grow from seed here on our farms. These seedlings in turn produce the hundreds of thousands of pounds of fresh locally grown produce that is donated out to our community annually.  We watch, encourage and cheer the plants through many stages of growth and are always excited to see the bounty that they produce. Mother nature is truly an amazing force to watch through the seasons and we feel lucky to have a front row seat.

All of this amazing bounty would not be possible without the help of a dedicated Greenhouse Crew that helps us prepare all of these plants for our growing season.  For the past seven weeks this crew has done the detailed, repetitive work of placing small seeds in our planting trays to start our plants. Our greenhouses are now carpets of bright green sprouts growing at different stages as the march towards outdoor planting continues thanks to this team of volunteers.  So as we begin our season outside in just a few short weeks we need to look back and thank our Greenhouse Crew for their part in beginning our year. Please join us in thanking and congratulating our Greenhouse Crew for starting the season off and setting in place the work to be done by thousands of volunteers in the coming months.  We appreciate each and every one of them and applaud them for a job well done!

Read the rest of the April Sprout!

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