Volunteer of the Month: Harvard Tuesday Crew


As we head into spring it is a key time for work out at our Prospect Hill Community Orchard in Harvard. Susan, Savannah and our Tuesday Crew have been busy since right after the first of the year pruning the thousands of apple trees there so that they will produce a bountiful crop.  Pruning is one of the keys of success and can only be completed when the trees are dormant prior to the trees becoming active with spring growth. During this process any diseased or damaged wood is pruned out of the trees, the pruners also look to improve sunlight penetration and air flow to stimulate a healthier crop.  Lastly and one of the most important pieces of this process is to prune the tree so that it is able to support the weight of its crop. It is an art and something that this team has mastered with many years experience amongst them.

The crew visits weekly and works in all types of weather as with an orchard this big it will take a significant amount of time to get through all of the trees. Once this work is completed the crew will assist throughout the year on other important orchard tasks such as pest management, mowing, trellising and fence repairs.  We could not operate this orchard without the power of volunteers and this hearty crew is the piece that sets everything in motion to have volunteers out in the fall to harvest our apple crop.  We would like to thank the Tuesday Crew for all of their hard work so far this season and cheer them on as they continue their pruning work for the rest of March. Please join us in thanking Don, Marc, Russ, Brian, George, Scott and Peter for their continuing support, dedication and drive in helping us advance our mission. We appreciate all of their effort on our behalf and can not wait to see the “fruits” of their labor this fall.

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