Looking Forward to Spring on the Farm

IMG_5738And just like that, seasons begin to change.  While several more weeks of winter are undoubtedly before us, here at the Brigham Hill Community Farm the seasonal shift has already begun.  It feels like just yesterday we were cleaning up supplies, winterizing equipment, and hunkering down for cold weather; now we’re dusting those supplies off and taking stock of what we need for a rocking year of veggie-growing!  It’s true, our first seeds of the 2019 season will be planted in just 2 weeks’ time.  And while those tiny seedlings will need several weeks yet of care and warmth, we will see the makings of a vibrant community farm begin to take shape before long.

This coming year we plan to build on successes of previous seasons.  Focusing on the vegetable varieties which prove to be staples for the families that we serve helps to maximize the impact of these foods in our community.  Where appropriate, we’ll be trying out some new methods and varieties here and there to ensure that we’re always improving and getting better at meeting our mission.  We’re particularly excited to include kale along with increased crops of fresh lettuce, roots, and leeks into our crop plan this year.

51851201_360127377906173_1364363083891343360_nAnother great addition to the 2019 season is the arrival of our new farm coordinator, Amanda Carrier.  Having contributed a great deal to our farm team in 2018 as a seasonal farm assistant, Amanda brings a background in environmental science and community agriculture.  Amanda has worked in a number of agricultural capacities across New England.  She served most recently as the Garden Program Manager at Worcester State University as both farmer and educator, working closely alongside volunteers and students, cultivating a love for sustainable food gardening.  We pretty stoked to have Amanda as a full-time part of our farm team this season and we’re convinced that you will be too.

Here’s to a season of full harvest baskets and full bellies!

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