Double your impact before the year ends

okra barnGive today and double your impact! Donate to the “One Step Further” campaign!

We are reminded daily of people like yourself who give so selflessly to those in need.  One of our food insecure clients from Loaves and Fishes shares her story with us, “…we receive fresh produce twice a month and it helps us to eat healthier and before using the food pantry I could not afford to buy fresh veggies. Thank you so much.” It is stories like these that remind us why we do what we do and take our passion one step further to help those in need.

Did you know that a $25 donation will provide 68 servings of green beans, $50 will provide 136 servings of leafy greens, or $100 will harvest 270 servings of cabbage? Thanks to our dedicated volunteers, 60,000 food insecure community members received fresh, nutritious produce this summer. However, hunger is an ongoing issue that does not end just because the harvest does. That is why our work never stops and we take steps to ensure every neighbor has access to healthy food they need.

vegWould you be willing to take your passion one step further and make a donation to feed families in need? Donate today and your contribution will make double the impact, because our generous donors, Major General Robert and Karen Catalanotti, are supporting our efforts with a matching gift of $10,000. This means that every dollar you donate will be doubled.  Walk the walk with us, donate to the “One Step Further” campaign, and make a real, lasting impact in the lives of the food insecure community.

With your contribution, you too will be a partner in building a healthy and engaged community!  We cannot do it without you! Thank you!

Donate today at:

P.S.  Share this message with your friends and family and let’s triple or quadruple our impact! Check with your employer too and see if they will match your donation.



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