Volunteers of the Month: Summer Youth Groups

7.16.2018 St. GabrielsFor as long as we can remember Young Neighbors in Action has been a reliable source of volunteer support during the summer vacation lull.  These great teams come out to our farms and help us at a critical time in our scheduling while many of our volunteers are on vacation. Whether it is harvesting, planting or even weeding at both our Grafton and Harvard farms they put their all into their work and find ways to have fun while doing it.  We are lucky to have them on our side and would like to celebrate and thank our 2018 Young Neighbors Teams. Coming from near (St. Rose of Lima in Northborough and St. Gabriel in Upton) and far (St. Matthew in New Hampshire) we really appreciated their hard work this year.

In these groups we had several volunteers who chose to visit for the second year of their Young Neighbors program, adding a level of familiarity with the farm.  All three groups experienced the results of some of our crazier weather events while they were here. That meant wet clothing, sneakers and even a car interior that needed to dry out but that never stopped them from coming back with energy and drive to greet the next day.  It’s that type of commitment to helping community that these makes these students and their chaperones standouts who left a great impression of what is possible with us as they left.

Please join us in thanking and celebrating our volunteers from the Young Neighbors in Action Program.  Thank you for your continuing support and showing that anything is possible when you approach it knowing that you are making a difference.     

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