Volunteer of the Month: Community Servings

Community Servings 07.13.2018Sometimes the best solutions to a challenge that you may be facing can be solved by speaking to others and exploring different approaches with unique solutions.  That is exactly how our relationship with Community Servings began several years ago. Our executive director happened to be at an event and had the great fortune to run into David Waters from Community Servings.  One question about what we were doing with produce that could not be sent out due to imperfections or small bruises led us into a relationship that continues to grow. Last year we sent over 24,000 lbs. out to their kitchen to be processed and utilized in the medically tailored meals that are delivered direct to the door of clients with critical illnesses throughout the community.  These highly nutritious and appealing meals are a bright spot during difficult times for the families in Worcester, Leominster and Fitchburg that receive meals from Community Servings that contain produce grown at Community Harvest Projects farms.

The entire team over at Community Servings has seen our produce arriving weekly and marveled at how the team there is able to incorporate it into the meals they have planned.  They have seen coolers filled with marinara sauce made from a shipment of tomatoes coming from our farm or how their kitchen team uses green tomatoes in soups and salsas. What they had not all experienced however was a visit out to our farm to see our operation in progress.  That was of course until we planted the seed a few years back about bringing the entire Community Servings Team out for a visit to our farm. On a beautiful Friday a week ago the team visited and got to see where and how the vegetables that are used in their kitchen are grown.  

This month we would like to celebrate the entire team that makes up Community Servings.  Not just for coming out to learn more about us, or for the 100 lbs. of blueberries that they picked, or the weed wrangling that they completed in 2.5 rows of cabbage or the 79 boxes that two members of their team assembled while visiting.  We would like to celebrate Community Servings for by the impressive work that they do on a daily basis providing over 675,000 medically tailored meals to over 2,000 critically ill individuals and their families throughout our community annually.  Thanks to you all for the work that you do on behalf of our community.


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