Join Our Summer Appeal Today

Support healthy eating and engaged minds by supporting our Intern Program!

InternsDid you know that we grow more than fruits and vegetables on our farms? Through our leadership programs we’re also growing the next generation of healthy eaters and hunger relief advocates! Our farms are classrooms where lessons come to life.  Students come to us as interns from local colleges where they learn many farm skills, but also they visit our hunger relief partners, take cooking classes, and learn the inner workings of a small nonprofit. They then take their newfound knowledge and skills out into the community to make a difference.

Their internships are shaping their careers and the future of our community.

Interns IIOur recent interns have gone on to do incredible work. Joel, Claire and Matt are just three of many interns making a difference at local nonprofits today. Joel is now the Development Coordinator at Lovin’ Spoonfuls, an organization dedicated to facilitating the rescue and distribution of fresh food that would otherwise be discarded. Claire is now the Outreach Coordinator at Community Science Institute, helping to foster and support environmental monitoring to educate the public about natural resources. And Matt, is now the Marketing & PR Coordinator at Oldways, working to preserve and promote traditional foods.

As you read this letter our 2018 interns are arriving and beginning their summer of learning and discovery. Please donate today to support this and our other farm and nutrition programs.

Together we can create healthy and engaged communities through volunteer farming and nutrition education.

We hope to see you on the farm soon so we can introduce you to our new crop of interns. Thank you for your support!


All donations are 100% tax deductible.

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