Volunteer of the Month: Greenhouse Volunteers

BOA 3We have a saying here at the farm that sums up all of the work that we do, “Plant a Seed.”  Our hope is that by planting seeds we are helping our community with the critical issue of hunger and food access.  Thousands of volunteers come out to do the work of the farm and in every instance we hope that they fully understand the power of the work that we do.  Planting a seed starts in our greenhouses but with every volunteer visit, the thousands of seeds (and volunteers) grow into an amazingly bountiful crop that benefits our community.  

This month we would like to feature the small but mighty group of volunteers that quite literally planted our seeds this spring.  Without their dedication and attention to detail we would not have two greenhouses that are overflowing with bright green seedlings ready to go out into the fields and produce.  Our greenhouse volunteers start their work while we are still at the very end of winter and continue right until the end of this month. They help to plant our seeds and to transplant small seedlings into larger trays to give them more root space and thrive before planting.  

We would like to thank the teams from the Massachusetts Master Gardeners, RSVP Worcester Volunteers, Grafton Medical Reserve Corps, Bank of America, Wegmans and Gap for helping to get the job done.  Without them and a great group of Team Leaders and Greenhouse Crew regulars we would not be ready for our planting season. So, on behalf of the entire team here at CHP… Thank you all for Planting a Seed and getting our year started  Through your hands there will be bountiful produce donated throughout our community and it all starts with just one seed.

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