Volunteer of the Month: Access TCA

Community_Harvest_Logo_2018_WEB_600px_TransparentIf you have not already noticed Community Harvest Project is in the midst of refreshing all of our marketing materials.  Check out the great new logo and you will see just the beginning of our efforts to streamline and bring every marketing piece up to date.  This would not have been a possibility without the help and amazing support of AccessTCA of Whitinsville.  When this group began volunteering with us three years ago they made a commitment to help in other ways.  If you have visited the farm you will notice some great graphics in the great room and some educational signs throughout the property.  These are all examples of their work and how they uniquely support CHP with their expertise in marketing and displays.


This year we asked them to help us with our rebranding and as you can see they jumped right in.  With an ear to the past and a nod to the future they updated our logo and color scheme with the thought of making it clearer to understand and easier to read.  We have already received a number of compliments on the update and appreciate that our supporters are noticing. Thanks to the talent of designer Eric Anderson on the AccessTCA Team you will see this new touch beginning to show in not only our logo but in mail pieces and our upcoming Annual Report.  

We would like to thank the entire team at AccessTCA for their continuing support and creativity in giving back to our community.  When they put themselves behind a project you can count on them to deliver, they have done that tenfold with their support of CHP over the years.  So, we would like to offer a hearty thank you to Eric, Dean and Tom for meeting with us and undertaking this challenge and to the entire AccessTCA team for making this possible.  We are thankful for your support and appreciate the entire organization’s role in helping to move CHP forward.

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