Volunteer of the Month: Eastern Michigan University

EMU.Group.02.21.18We really enjoy sharing the resources of our organization for others to learn about the many facets of non-profit work and collaboration.  For the third consecutive year we were visited by a group of Eastern Michigan University Students during their Alternative Spring Break. This hearty group traveled from Ypsilanti, Michigan to spend an immersive week learning about the hunger relief network in the Worcester Area.  During their time here they spent time preparing our greenhouse for spring planting as well as preparing materials for our new process of row covers. They visited our orchard and learned a bit about fruit trees and the benefits of apples as part of our offering. They also visited our partners at the Worcester County Food Bank, Community Servings, Loaves and Fishes and the Worcester Department of Public Health.  They learned what it takes to feed those seeking aid in the hunger relief network and some of the health and wellness challenges that may impact a community. This team spent long hours asking questions and discovering some of the root issues that cause hunger in any community. In addition, they learned how Community Harvest Project and our partners work together to make a difference.

We can’t thank them enough for spending time with us and helping our community while learning and so we send a hearty thanks out to Rupa Kottoor, Ewere Bernard, Olivia Wash, Balaal Hollings, Gracie Kierczynski and James Williams.  Thanks for reminding us that we can all learn more when we really dig in. Here are some thoughts in their own words;

Service is the rent you pay for livon on this earth and I really feel that.  To think we only did this for one week and there are people who do this every day, wow!  This has really opened my eyes and now I see how big this issue is and how deeply people care about it.  This week alone has inspired me to make sure others in my area have the support and knowledge that I gained here to aid them in the fight against food injustice.”

“Overall, the experience was eye-opening and taught us a lot.  We learned about and assisted with many different aspects of food insecurity.  We all want to take what we learned during the trip and apply it when we go back to Michigan.”   

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