An Update from the Farm

IMG-2377Although the weather has been all over the place, we’ve had enough glimpses of spring to make us excited for the upcoming season. After the hard work of a group from Eastern Michigan University, our greenhouse is all set up and ready to go. Our first seeds touched potting soil on the last day of February, and the seeding continues to increase as we move into spring. We start our first trays on top of heating mats that give the soil an extra boost in temperature while there is still a significant chill in the air. Once the seeds germinate, we will move them off the heating mats to make room for the next round.
lunchbox peppers- johnnysThe first little guys that popped up were our lunchbox peppers, a mini sized pepper, perfect for snacking. They are red, yellow, and orange, and have a very sweet flavor. Although we will be trying these peppers out on the farm this year, this particular round of seedlings is being grown for Plantapalooza. We are ramping up the amount of seedlings we grow in house at CHP for our plant sale this year, which means you can try many of the varieties we grow in your very own garden! If you’ve ever helped us pick cubanelle, carmen, or aji peppers and wondered what it would be like to cook with them, Plantapalooza will be your chance to purchase these seedlings (and many more) and take them home.

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