Thank You, Claudia!

_MG_7543.jpgThis month we saying goodbye to our Development & Events Coordinator, Claudia Frazer. After several years at CHP, Claudia is moving on to a new role. We will miss her smiling, happy face on the farm, but we are thrilled that she is taking on a new adventure.

From the day Claudia walked onto this farm as an Intern from Clark University, she knew that Community Harvest Project was where she wanted to be!  Claudia embraced the mission of CHP from that moment onward.  She was so passionate about our work that she stayed on as a VISTA and then went on to join the Development Team as the Development & Events Coordinator, a role in which she has excelled. She is an extremely hard working, persistent, and smart individual who when challenged with a task, always outperforms.  It was evident in her ability to make Plantapalooza and Harvest Home Festival our most profitable fundraisers events yet!  She took pride in these successes and the incredible commitment from our community who believe in our work just as much as she does.   

Best of luck, Claudia!  

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