Think Spring! Book Your Volunteer Group Now

St. Marks Sprout PicWe all know that Community Harvest Project is a really special place and great asset within our community.  Over the years as we have grown the demand for volunteer time has kept pace and we recognize the fact that we really are a popular and well respected destination for volunteers to help our community.  There is something about spending time on one of our farms that really keeps people smiling.  We are not sure if that energy comes out of the earth or if it is related to the fact that people coming together towards a common goal just feels good.  As one of our great founding fathers George Washington said “Agriculture is the most healthful, most useful and most noble employment of man.”  We may be biased but we really think that his words continue to define agriculture as one of the greatest activities on earth.  Add in the fact that our mission engages community in helping those around us that are less fortunate have access to fresh fruits and vegetables and the picture really comes together.

There is nothing better at this time of year than to begin thinking about the coming season and knowing that spring is just within our reach.  We likely have been through the coldest, snowiest days and as the days begin to lengthen we find ourselves thinking about spending more time outdoors.  Before you know it we will be planting the first of our seeds in the greenhouse and we will slowly bring the farms back to life.  We have spent the last couple of months planning and gearing up for another growing season.  This is where you come in, it’s time to begin planning your groups volunteer visit to the farm.  Just like every year we are counting on our committed volunteer groups to help us grow each and every piece of produce as we could not do this work without your support.  With increasing demand the earlier you plan and put your request in the more likely it is that we will be able to get you on to our schedule.  We have some exciting new approaches for our 2018 season designed to better support our partner organizations who rely on the bounty of our farms so come out and join the fun.  

To request a volunteer visit date for our 2018 season please click here.    

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