Learning on the Job

Interns for January SproutDo you know of a college student that has a passion for farming, hunger relief, non-profit work or any facet of the work that we are involved in?  Send them our way as we are already recruiting for our 2018 Summer Intern Program.  This team of students will be engaged in all facets of our work and get the opportunity to learn all about what it takes to run our dynamic volunteer farming organization.  They will have the opportunity to visit partner organizations, participate in nutritional workshops and hone their communication and leadership skills all while spending the majority of their summer outdoors on our beautiful farm properties.  

Here’s just some of what former interns say about their experience in the Community Harvest Project Summer Intern Program:

Having an internship at CHP helped me understand and appreciate all the effort that goes into a nonprofit. Staff and volunteers are the real backbone of the organization, doing incredible, selfless work. It’s made me very interested in working in the nonprofit sector, and I want to continue to build on the groundwork that CHP has laid for me.

I enjoyed working with a group of interns who study different things, come from different backgrounds, and have different goals. It was cool to see one organization pull together individuals who will have different take-aways from the same internship.

Every single day at Community Harvest Project I learned something new. The volunteers and staff foster a spirit of kindness and enthusiasm that makes every task on the farm – from washing gloves, to hanging blueberry netting, to leading a group of volunteers in the field – feel like an exciting new adventure. I love how the farm serves the community dually by providing food to people who are experiencing hunger and by giving volunteers the opportunity to spend time outside in an environment that makes farming extremely accessible to a wide range of people. Community Harvest Project is a loving place that makes everybody feel welcome, valued, and eager to come back!

For more information find our 2018 Summer Intern Job Description here.  

Read the rest of the January Sprout!

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