2018 Monthly Giving Program

Even a little means a lot.  Becoming a Monthly Giver by registering online for automatic, monthly donations, is a great way to provide support for the programs and experiences that make Community Harvest Project great, starting with a gift as low as $10.

Join the increasing number of volunteers and community members who have chosen to become sustainers.  Show your support and make your monthly gift today to support the farms all year long.

Monthly donations financially prepare the farms for unforeseen circumstances that arise on our farms.  Peach, one of our beloved Volunteer Team Leaders and a Monthly Giver, experiences the inconsistency of working with weather and knows her monthly donations are valued throughout the year. Peach perfectly captures why monthly donations make a difference:

“Giving a little bit every month is easy and convenient for me. Just as our neighbors rely
on donations of fresh fruits and vegetables, CHP counts on my donations to help the
farm through lean months and periods of severe weather. Even a little means a lot.”

As a thank you for your support, we are delighted to offer the following benefits for the first time:

  • An invitation to a “Special Spring Celebration”
  • A private “Pick-Your-Own Apples Day” at our apple orchard in 2018
  • Two complimentary tickets to our Harvest Home Festival
  • Recognition in newsletter, social media and Annual Report
  • Hassle-free donations and convenient year-end tax receipt
  • Above all, your donations are helping us bring in a great harvest to feed our neighbors and communities

Become a Monthly Giver today; register online or call our Development Office at 774-545-4905 and speak to a member of the Development Team. Thank you for your support!

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