Volunteers of the Month: Harvest Home & 5K Volunteers!

D81_20171105_130243_01aOur season is officially over now that we have the Harvest Home Festival and 5K under our belt.  If you were one of the people that came out to support our work that day it is likely that you came into contact with one of the many volunteers that it takes to support an event of that size.  The day went off very smoothly thanks to the almost 100 volunteers that donated their time and energy to make sure each of our visitors enjoyed their time.  Between making sure everyone is able to park and cross our roads safely to hayride guides, trebuchet safety monitors and beer servers everyone is a critical part of ensuring the day is a success.  Some  work is also done in advance so it took an army to get our trails ready and set up for the big day.  We are very lucky to be able to round up a great team of volunteers in order to support the event which is our largest of the year and helps to fund our operations.  

This year Tori our Education and Volunteer Coordinator took the reins and recruited, scheduled and communicated with our Harvest Home Volunteers.  It was her first time taking on this responsibility and she did an amazing job ensuring that we had the right people at the right time in all of the right places.  She even took it one step further by recruiting her mother to help out at the front gate with admissions.  So, we would all like to applaud Tori for a job well done in supporting the event with great volunteers, including her mom.  

For our November Volunteer of the Month we would like to thank all of the volunteers who participated.  From our regular Volunteer Team Leaders who make this place run like a fine machine day in day out, to our Volunteer Board Members who work tirelessly on our behalf everyone in our community pitching in together is what makes it work.  We would also like to thank our volunteers from Douglas High School, Assumption College’s Baseball Team, Worcester Restaurant Group, The Junior League of Worcester, Grafton Job Corps, Grafton Boy Scout Troop 106, Waters Corporation, our very own Harvest Home Committee and each and every volunteer that spent their day with us.  Your help and selflessness in supporting our event is greatly appreciated!  We could not do all that we do in supporting hunger relief throughout the community without your help.  Thank you!   

Read the rest of the November Sprout! 

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