Summertime Reflections

9 (21).PNG“Over the course of this internship, I learned more than I ever thought I would. I learned many valuable skills ranging from public speaking, to leadership in a group, leadership on my own, and how to take initiative. I also learned that I love being outdoors, meeting new people each day, and being part of the work a non profit accomplished.” – 2017 Summer Intern

It has been a month since our 2017 Summer Sustainable Farming Interns finished, but we still miss them! It helps to read through the surveys they submitted at the end of their internship to tell us what they really loved and learn what we can improve for next summer (though we may not be able to prevent the sock tans). The internship had many different components to appeal to varied interests and skill sets. We even passed along some lessons we didn’t know we would, like the benefits of waking up at the same time.

3 (1).JPGThe interns met with each staff member throughout the summer for an informational interview to understand each person’s background and job composition. “The staff chats taught me a lot about how different career paths can be and how the inner workings of a non-profit are run.”

After their chat with our Executive Director, Cordie, the group became interested in grant writing, so they worked together to write and submit a grant. “Compared to a grant writing class, this was real experience in refining applicable grant writing skills and ultimately submitting a working grant application. I am so grateful for that opportunity!” We’re still waiting to hear if we will receive the grant, but the benefit of this experience to our interns far outweighs any monetary gain.

7 (7)Twice a month they had a nutrition lesson with Tori, our Education Coordinator. They learned about fats, carbs, and protein, picking the healthiest options for each, and cooking easy, healthy meals. “I’m interested in nutrition and taking care of myself, as well as trying new and creative foods, and the sessions served as little reminders of healthy habits.” Using fresh produce from the learning garden they made fried brown rice with vegetables, noodles with tahini sauce and cucumbers, pesto, fresh rolls, and hummus.

“I learned a lot about how a non-profit works and engages with the community. It was really interesting to learn how to engage with all types of community members and to learn about how CHP impacts the larger community as well. I may want to work at a non-profit in the future so I found this to be a great first experience.” Our goal was to expose our interns to farming, many different people, and the non-profit world. We hope they take their experience at CHP to inform a future in nonprofit work, and of course, come back to visit us regularly.

If this sounds like an experience that you would like to have in summer of 2018, please email to learn more.

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