Celebrating Ten Years of Volunteering with Community Harvest Project

IMG_2404At the beginning of August we had the great pleasure of hosting the CSAW Team from St. Brigid Parish in Millbury.  This lively group of youth volunteers spent two days at the farm weeding countless rows of vegetables (10,800 feet to be exact) and harvesting over 2,698 lbs. or 13,673 servings of fresh produce for donation to hunger relief agencies throughout Central and Eastern Massachusetts.  They challenged themselves to stay focused even in some pretty punishing humidity and blaring sun.  The energy and humor that they brought to the job made our days fly by, this team had the “it” factor and understood that the hard work that they were doing was all about helping community.  

This years team is following in the footsteps of giants as this visit marks ten consecutive years of involvement from the CSAW Youth Program.  Under the watchful eye of Greg Bernard and his team of adult mentors this week long summer service program goes out into the community to help their neighbors.  This year at the farm they were led in their work by one of their own who is now a CHP Team Leader, Katie O’Leary.  With a mission and work that directly aligns with ours this program is ensuring that their participants learn just how easy and rewarding it is to help others.  We feel very fortunate that they have selected us as part of their annual rounds.
We would like to honor the CSAW Youth Program as our Volunteer Team of the Month in August.  Their ten years of service to Community Harvest Project is greatly appreciated and we invite them to come back to the farm for at least another ten years!  

Keep up the great work CSAW, we appreciate being part of your team.  
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