Kids Cooking Classes Coming Soon

_MG_2459.jpgDo you have a child who loves hanging out in the garden and the kitchen? We have two great opportunities for them this summer! On July 25th and August 8th from 2:30-4pm we will be hosting cooking classes for 4th to 7th graders. The exact recipes we will make will depend on what is ripe in the garden at that time. We will learn how to tell when different vegetables are ripe, taste through what is ripe, and then cook together!

_MG_2526.jpgThe more interaction kids have with vegetables, the more likely they are to eat them so we will engage all the senses in our lesson. We will look at everything in the garden and see the different growth stages of vegetables. We will compare and contrast different varieties of produce, like the six varieties of tomatoes, three varieties of carrots, and all the different herbs we are growing. Then we will work our way towards the kitchen by harvesting produce for our different recipes. Each child will participate in the cooking process (after we go over knife and kitchen safety, of course).

Sign up your child for either or both cooking classes here. If you have any additional questions please email

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