Why Does Susan Like Tuesdays?

row-signsAs you already know the work of farming is never done.  Even at our orchard it seems that the flow of work is never ending and always challenged by changing seasons and the challenges of weather.  The work of caring for the trees takes on significant importance right as the New Year arrives.  That is when pruning is critical work that needs to be completed while the trees are dormant.  While pruning we are looking to remove diseased branches and shape the trees to get the best and strongest branches.  By carefully evaluating each tree we are able to help the tree focus it’s energy and resources in the right places and hopefully allow the tree to be able to better bear the weight of the coming crop of fruit.  As you can guess we have a limited time to complete this arduous task in the over 30 acres of trees that we have on this property.

As always here at Community Harvest Project, when we have a need our great community of volunteers seems to always answer our call.  What started with one often becomes a team of many hands focused on helping us to complete the smallest of tasks and the largest of challenges.  That is exactly why Susan likes Tuesdays!  Over the last couple of years a team of volunteers in Harvard have come out to assist us in ensuring that our trees are pruned and ready for spring.  Just like the saying that is attributed to the carving on New York City’s main post office,   “Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds” the Tuesday Team is always there to lend a helping hand.  Whether it be pruning the endless rows of trees, helping to cut and install all of our mouse guards or in helping to clear brush this team is on our side.  

So for that we would like to thank our Tuesday Team and applaud them for a job well done.  Their selfless efforts in all manner of weather has allowed Susan to get the orchard ready for bloom season.  Now that her days are changing she will be spending more time in the tractor and out amongst the trees monitoring them for pests and disease.  While she does this important part of her job she will be surrounded by the thousands of trees that were carefully cared for by this great team of volunteers.  Please join us in thanking and congratulating our Tuesday Team and applauding Peter Dorward, Jim Sicard, George Watkins, Russ Anderson, Mark Koutonen, Marc Sevigny, and Brian Noble for their amazing commitment and work on our behalf.  Their continuing commitment to the cause and amazing work at the orchard stands as a shining example of the community that surrounds us.  We could not do the work that we do without this type of support and applaud the Harvard Tuesday Team as our Volunteers of the Month.  We thank you for leading the charge and helping to put a bright spot on Susan’s weekly routine.  

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