Support CHP By Adopting a Row or Tree!

cubanelle-and-bellOur farmers have been hard at work this winter repairing equipment, pruning apple trees and creating crop plans in preparation of our upcoming growing season! In 2017, volunteers will help Community Harvest Project plant 256 rows of crops and care for 3,200 apple trees. Will you support these crops by contributing to our Adopt-a- Row or Adopt-a- Tree programs?

Your adoption of a specific fruit or vegetable directly supports caring for crops and providing essential farming supplies, including seeds and trays, potting soil, fertilizer, water, and more. You can be an important part of our season by donating today so we can sow seeds tomorrow.

With the help of your contribution, CHP will engage over 10,000 community members in 2017 who will help us grow and donate over 250,000 pounds of fresh fruits and vegetables to those who need them most. Our combined efforts will have a significant impact on the hunger relief agencies that we donate to. Thank you for your support and we hope to see you at the farm this season!

Read the rest of the March Sprout!

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