Coming Soon: Spring on the Farm

SpOTFSpring is here! That means the greenhouse is coming alive with sprouts, we’re prepping for volunteers, and planning spring programs. Our hallmark spring program happens over April vacation: Spring on the Farm! This is a 4-day vacation camp for 4th-7th graders, which takes place from 8:30am-2:30pm. Sign up your child for all four days for $190, or just pick the days that fit best in your schedule for $50/day. Spring on the Farm is open to residents of all towns. Activities are different each day, but all will focus on nutrition, hands-on cooking, plants, and the environment.

Since farming will be underway, we will be able to spend some time each day doing a volunteer farm task, which could be counting and filling seed trays, seeding, or transplanting outside.

7As with all of our education programs, in Spring on the Farm we focus on learning, tasting, and experimentation. Knowing what foods are healthy does little use if you don’t like to eat them! We will have a different theme every day to guide our tastings and recipes: protein, carbs, fat, and vitamins/minerals. We will learn the basics of each group, how to choose healthy options of each, and then taste and cook them. Campers are encouraged to try new things, retry things they’ve had before, try them cooked in new ways, and also make their own creations to ensure they find a way to prepare healthy foods that fits their tastes. We hope this inspires them to carry this personalization and ownership of healthy foods back to your kitchen!

The rest of our time will be spent exploring the fields and forest surrounding the farm, conducting experiments, and doing hands on crafts and activities. Space is limited, so sign up sooner rather than later! Sign up on our education page (look below Winter on the Farm), and email with additional questions.

Read the rest of the March Sprout!

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