Winter on the Farm Starts Next Week


pizzaWinter on the Farm is next week! With all the recent snow days you may have exhausted your inside entertainment, but we have the perfect opportunity for your 4th-7th grader. Winter on the Farm is held February 21-24, 8:30am-2:30pm at 37 Wheeler Road in Grafton. Sign up is by the day, so you can pick exactly which ones work in your schedule (or all 4!). Each day we do activities that focus on exposure to new food prepared in different ways, hands-on cooking, science, and the environment. Here’s what we have in store:

On Tuesday we will be highlight stems and leaves. We’ll discuss the roles stems and leaves perform for plants, and then do a leaf tasting. From there we will make kale chips and learn the basics of salad dressing before we launch into our salad dressing lab where each camper will create their own dressing. Even though many trees are without leaves, the conifers around the farm are still nice and green. We’ll learn about conifers then go on a hike to try to identify some. Next the kids will be plant detectives. We’ll learn a few ways to identify problems with plants, then diagnose some ailing house plants. We’ll finish off the day by learning about how greenhouses work and building our own from recycled materials.

Wednesday is all about seeds. 2 special guests and registered dieticians will stop by to make no-bake protein balls. We’ll look at a variety of seeds and their characteristics and then have a seed tasting. Two seeds will be focused on to make seed dips. For our daily outdoor activity we will be learning about seed dispersal and going for a hunt for seeds outside (you’d be surprised what we can find, even now!). In the afternoon we will be learning about complete proteins (many plant based ones come from seeds) and making seed packs.

On Thursday we move underground to root of the plants. We will do our daily tasting with all roots, then talk about the importance of breakfast and make some pancakes with a surprising root vegetable ingredient. We’ll head outside to do some animal tracking then come back in for lunch. Learning about go, slow, and whoa foods will be followed by a creative endeavor featuring some great “go” foods….root vegetables!

For our last day we will learn about flowers and pollinators. We’ll making dumplings with flowers and then spend some time outside. In the afternoon we’ll create feeders for a special pollinator, the hummingbird!

There are still a few spots left in Winter on the Farm! Register by the day for $50/each, or for all 4 days for $190. You child is sure to be kept busy and entertained throughout the days, all while learning about ways to customize nutritious foods, experiencing the great outdoors, and making new friends. Register here , and for more information email

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