What’s New at Winter on the Farm

dsc_0116Winter on the Farm is one month away! Our February vacation camp for 4th-7th graders takes place 2/21-2/24, from 8:30am to 2:30pm. Sign up is by the day, so you can pick the 1,2,3, or all 4 days that work best in you and your camper’s schedules. Activities are different each day, but all focus on nutrition, hands-on cooking, plants, and the environment.

Even though there will likely be snow on the ground, we’ll still go outside every day to experience the winter wonderland around the farm! There is still plenty to explore and search for, like animal tracks, evidence of seeds, and identifying the flora and fauna in our midst.

DSC_0012.JPGDuring Winter on the Farm we focus on learning, tasting, and experimentation. Knowing what foods are healthy does little use if you don’t like to eat them! So we focus on learning a few key concepts, then providing many opportunities to taste healthy foods in different forms, like raw, cooked, or in different dishes. Campers are also given the chance to develop their own creations! We might learn the basics of salad dressing or personal pizzas, then give everyone the chance to make their own. We hope this personalization and ownership of healthy food can continue at home for happy and healthy eating.

When we aren’t exploring the great outdoors or cooking up a storm, we’ll do a variety of active games and creative projects to engage all learners. Space in this program is limited, so sign up early to reserve your camper’s spot! More information and sign up on our education page. Questions? Email mailto:tori@community-harvest.org.

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