Girl Scouts accomplish more together


In the past we’ve worked with many Eagle Scouts and Girl Scouts completing large projects to earn their awards. They’ve constructed a pump house, picnic tables, learning garden signs, vertical garden, trellis, and many more things that have been incredibly beneficial. It is always wonderful to see the scouts talents and creativity emerge as they complete their projects. This year we very pleasantly surprised when not just one scout approached us with a project idea, but a whole troop!

Since January Harvard Girl Scout Cadet Troop 30892 have been hard at work on their project at Prospect Hill Farm in Harvard. They brainstormed with our Orchard Manager, Susan, to come up with a list of project that would benefit the farm. They created a cable access video to promote CHP, made row markers to make it easy to navigate the orchard, donated apples to Kylee’s Kare Kits for Kids, created a kids activity, and hosted an open house for the community.

You can watch the cable access video they created to get a better sense of what we do at Prospect Hill Farm and how you can become more involved!


A huge part of the project they undertook was created color coded row markers for the orchard. There are 30 acres of apple trees, which are in multiple sections and many rows per section. The scouts created a numbered and color coded sign for the end of each row, so now it is incredibly easy for staff to keep track of where we are picking and direct volunteers to the appropriate place.

Kylee’s Kare Kits for Kids is a non-profit started by Kylee when she was just 10 years old to provide food for children in need over the weekend when they do not have access to meals at school. Janice Kennedy, one of the troop’s leaders, is a doctor that practices in Leominster which is how they first heard about Kylee.  The girl scouts thought that it would be great to tie in a gift of apples to this amazing program started by a young girl similar in age to themselves.

The group created a whole packet of kids activities for the orchard to use, and then hosted an open house to the community. They had family apple picking, a scavenger hunt, face painting, apple activities, games and a photo area for kids to take farm pictures.

Projects like this give us the chance to improve our farms and become better known in the community so that we can grow more high quality fruits and vegetables to donate to those experiencing hunger. Thank you Harvard Girl Scout Cadet Troop 30892 for dedicating your time and talents to CHP in such creative ways!

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