August 2016 – Volunteer of the Month

jim ex.PNG

Jim Sicard

As an example of the amazing efforts of our Volunteer Team Leaders in supporting our mission this month we would like to congratulate Jim Sicard.  As a Team Leader at our North Grafton farms Jim has been involved at Community Harvest Project for three years now.  He regularly can be found working with our diverse groups of volunteers and leading them in their efforts.  As we continue to grow we are always looking for new ways to engage our thousands of volunteers and Jim has played a key part in our efforts over the summer.

As many of you know, we were given the gift of Prospect Hill Farm in Harvard, MA in the fall of 2014.  Since then we have been learning more about the distinct differences involved in operating an orchard.  The day to day in Harvard is much different with the peak volunteer time being just a short six weeks of harvesting in September and October.  We still do however have the need for small experienced groups of orchard volunteers and that is where Jim upped the game this spring and summer.  He not only assisted us with the planting of our high density orchard but he became a key member of our Wednesday orchard volunteer team.  In speaking with him he described the great work of planting the trees and that he wanted to see them through to the next step.  His help in setting the trellis system for the new orchard, pruning trees that had the fire blight virus and helping to clear brush and thorny vines from under the existing trees was selfless.

Jim explained that he really enjoyed helping to make improvements that would impact not only our ability to grow but also the thousands of future volunteers that will visit this farm.  With the drive out being quite enjoyable he happens to be located almost as close to Harvard as he is to North Grafton.  He enjoys the rural nature of the area and then went on to talk about what a great environment it is with the rolling hills and view from the orchard.  It is obvious that he really is committed as illustrated by the fact that he recruited one of his friends from high school who used to work in the orchards in Fitchburg to join in the fun.  Illustrating the power of our volunteers and how we grow through word of mouth.

Please join us in congratulating Jim Sicard for his continuing to support of both locations and for all of the hours that he volunteers.  His impact on both the volunteers that he works with and his efforts as part of the Wednesday Harvard volunteer group is immeasurable and we truly appreciate him for his amazing gift of time.  Thanks Jim, we could not do it without you!

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