July 2016 Volunteer of the Month

Sarah Moschini


Let us introduce you to Sarah Moschini, our July Volunteer of the Month. Sarah first visited the farm as a 10-year-old with her church. She says that she volunteered for an hour and remembers a lot about that day. She describes the fact that it was a treat to be able to come when usually only the older children came out to volunteer. She also remembers a really friendly Team Leader or Intern working with the group while they harvested cukes.

Fast forward almost seven years and we have had the distinct pleasure of having Sarah as a volunteer again. This time however she has significantly increased her involvement. If you visit the farm you are likely to see her volunteering for almost forty hours a week! While she was looking for something to keep her occupied during the summer her dad suggested CHP and even did her the favor of dropping her off on her first day. Her first impression was that everyone was nice and welcoming and an even bigger impression when our Team Leader Linda worked with her that day. “It was a “super” fun day and Linda taught me a lot” is the way that Sarah describes it.  This sparked an interest in Sarah to learn to become a Team Leader and she quickly mastered that role and has graduated to leading groups on her own!

Sarah is a rising junior at Whitinsville Christian School and if you ask her how it is going she will rave about the fact that she learns something new every day. The skills that she describes developing will all help her as she plots her future. She is proud of the fact that she has been able to apply her naturally outgoing personality to helping others. She has learned through some challenges in communication and organization with groups and come out with stronger skills and a better ability to lead. Then there is that weed whacking…Sarah is hoping her parents don’t find out that she has mastered that skill (just kidding).

So please join us in congratulating Sarah for her volunteer work in support of Community Harvest Project and as our Volunteer of the Month for July. Her drive and determination has put her in the driver’s seat as one of our newest Team Leaders and we are lucky to have her. Congratulations Sarah, we could not do the work we do without great people like you!

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