July 2016 Online Updates

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Did you notice….we got a makeover! Well, our website did. We worked with Small Steeple Web Builders, who are based right here in Grafton and work exclusively with small non-profits to create modern, streamlined sites. We began working together in January to update our website to reflect the growth and changes CHP has made since in the last few years. Our primary concerns were to make it easy to navigate, concise, mobile friendly, and showcase our farm, volunteers, and produce with new photos (mostly taken by Norm Eggert Photography).

We spent a lot of time paring down the words, so that it would be quick and easy to see what we are all about for first time visitors, but still familiar for returning friends. We went through thousands of photos taken in the last few years of all our programs to make sure that we fully captured all that CHP encompasses, from volunteer experience on the farm and community partnerships, to education and produce distribution.

volunteer2Our technology updates have kept us especially busy this year. Another dream that became reality was automated volunteer check in, which we could not have done without 501 Partners. We used to keep track of all our volunteers based on paper sign-ins and head counts that were manually tallied. Once we surpassed 11,000 volunteers last year that was really no longer feasible. Now all groups looking to volunteer fill out this handy form to get started. Once they are on the schedule, they receive an email a few weeks out confirming their visit, letting them know what to expect, and asking them to register. Then the day of their volunteering they check in so we know their hours were completed. As with any new technology adaptation we have a few changes to make for next year, but overall we are so happy with this new process which creates a better experience for the volunteers (and, makes our lives easier too).

Have you looked at our new website? Used our new check in system? Let us know about your experience! We are always striving to improve and provide the best possible interaction for our current and prospective volunteers. Feel free to send any thoughts to tori@community-harvest.org.

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