June 2016 Local Students Magnify their Impact

DSC_0102Here at Community Harvest Project we know it only takes one person to make a difference. We also see the incredible impact made when many people come together. This month these sentiments were illustrated by two exceptionally dedicated groups. Mill Pond School 6th graders in Westborough, MA and North Street Elementary School students in Grafton, MA. Mill Pond and North Street students are frequent volunteers at our farms, helping us plant, harvest, wash and pack the fresh fruits and vegetables we grow for hunger relief. The students at these schools are so committed to helping their community that they came together and raised money to donate to CHP!

Mill Pond School raised over $3,400 for Community Harvest Project during a 6th grade Read-a-Thon where family, friends, and faculty sponsored students to read through their list of books. Mill Pond School has been doing this for several years now and raised and donated over $2,500 last year as well. Thank you Mill Pond students for loving to read and choosing to donate the money you raised to CHP!

North Street Elementary School students collected over $630 worth of dimes for our Dimes-for-Dinners fundraiser. This is the largest one time donation CHP has received for our Dimes-for-Dinners fundraiser! This fundraiser makes us realize how much every dime counts and what a great contribution elementary students can make by searching through the family car and deep in the couch cushions! Thank you North Street for this gigantic contribution to our Dimes-for-Dinners fundraiser.

Each year we see thousands of individuals volunteering side by side as an engaged community, learning and growing together. We are so appreciative of all of this work that gets done by volunteers and also of the behind the scenes donors who make our operations possible. Thank you Mill Pond School and North Street Elementary for making these very special donations. Thank you to all of our donors, who appreciate the importance of continuing their engagement after they leave the farm by contributing to Community Harvest Project. We couldn’t do it without you!

Read the rest of the June 2016 Sprout!

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